krokodil riba
Festival: November 6−9
Exhibition: November 6−25

Tomaž Grušovnik: An urbanistic-informational intervention

Cultural-artistic initiative WERCATOR:
Tomaž Grušovnik, Neža Mekota, Tina Merica

The Q:aRt project serves as the MFRU-KIBLIX preview event, offering information to the general public about the festival’s objectives and content through the means of generated codes, designed to redirect application users to a website which provides information about the festival. Thus, the project is investigating not only the potential of QR codes in informing the public, but also the potential contained in various city locations, spatial points and nodes to serve as informants via QR codes.

Tomaž Grušovnik is a philosopher, publicist and fine artist. He is the author of a scientific monograph entitled “Shades of Green”, a Fulbright grantee, a visiting professor at the University of Oslo and the “Messenger of Science 2012” prize winner.

Tina Merica is a landscape architect from Murska Sobota, whose creative activities cover an array of areas of the urban culture; she organizes music and visual events, conducts workshops and dedicates most of her time to cultural-artistic space interventions.

Neža Mekota is in her final year of studies at the Department of Landscape Architecture at the Biotechnical Faculty of Ljubljana’s University; she is currently writing her final thesis on “Reconstruction of Baroque park Turnišče near Ptuj”.