krokodil riba
Festival: November 6−9
Exhibition: November 6−25
performace 3D koncert

3D printing concert, Jože Slaček, Primož Oberžan, Jan Sterniša, ORTOTIP

The project capitalizes on the acoustics typical of plastic wire 3D printing processes. Two printers will be printing two different objects, causing different sound effects, but due to the typical repetitive movements there is a chance of occasional synchronicity. The rhythmic background is enhanced by the performance of a drummer. The entire performance is topped off by a video projection consisting of 3D animations and a live captured recording.

The story of 3D printing began in 1986 with the invention of stereolitography, which uses thermal lasers to manufacture individual forms from raw materials. This gave rise to the development of 3D printer models that represent modern-day desktop printers or “personal factories”. Today, 3D printers are the technology that anticipates some of future’s greatest changes. The expectations are immense: manufacturing of clothes, medicine, food and even human organs. The scheduled program will shed some light on the possibilities of 3D technologies and their creative use.


Artist Talk


Primož Oberžan graduated in Philosophy and Sociology of Culture at the Ljubljana’s Faculty of Arts. Between 1989 and 1996, he was a drummer in a punk rock band Not 4 sale. In 1997, he has founded a music collective The Stroj and thus began implementing his musical vision by using a music machine constructed out of waste materials, ten percussionists and performers. In the recent years, he has been especially active as a musician, instruments constructor, music teacher at the percussion school Strojnica and a visiting lecturer from the field of cymatics and metamechanics.

Jože Slaček is a creator in the sphere of video, animation and multimedia, as well as the initiator of the International Festival of Computer Arts in Maribor. He is regularly carrying out activities associated with intermedia arts; he organizes lectures, screenings, exhibitions and festivals.  He worked as a producer and curator of the project Nano Art, implemented under the EPK2012 Maribor, and is also as a co-producer of the exhibition Museum of robots in the Maribor Art Gallery (UGM) and in the A+A gallery.

Jan Sterniša graduated in Engineering of Media Production at the Academia College. His main interests are 3D space modeling and animation. As a 3D animator, he cooperated on the exhibition “Robots store” in the Cultural Incubator; he also participates on projects 3D Corpus and Cyber Theater as a 3D designer.