krokodil riba
Festival: November 6−9
Exhibition: November 6−25


Sound and light installation 2012-2013

This generative sound-light installation embodies complex systems theories based on concepts and processes such as emergency and self-organization. The installation bases on models taken from various fields of science, philosophy, biology, computer science and the study of artificial intelligence (cellular automata, neural networks, cybernetics…) The installation explores the sonic and compositional possibilities of these concepts, using a network of “modules-particles” that interact with each other and the environment. Each “module-particle” follows simple individual rules, but is able to generate more complex and sophisticated patterns when combined with the others.

Project developed with the support of Phonos-IUA grant and with the collaboration of Interaction Lab – HANGAR.ORG

Artist Talk


oscar_martin_0-črOscar Martin [Noish] Experimental artist and independent researcher and programmer working in the fields of sound art, installations, interactive and generative systems, performances and net radioart. A firm opensource advocate, Martín is also behind the MetaminaFNR streaming project, a generative on-line radio, and editor of UrsonateFanzine, a publication focused on the Spanish experimental sound and music scene. He implements independents workshops about puredata, arduino and others FLOSS tools.