krokodil riba
Festival: November 6−9
Exhibition: November 6−25
echo 10-9_1

echo 10−9

Installation 2013

This multimedia installation is based on research and experiments with different kinds of microfluids and nanomaterials. Ferrofluids, which react as a live, generative responsive surface to the electromagnetic waves, will produce esthetic micro-landscapes. The installation consists of small-size petridishes with nanorobots positioned inside the larger petridish containing ferrofluids. The microscopic camera, connected to the computer through a projector, shows reactions on the nano-level, where chemical processes function under different laws. The ferrofluids are driven by a magnet, and the nanobots by peroxide.

Authors: Robertina Šebjanič and Aleš Hieng Zergon
Consultant: Ida Hiršenfelder
Special credits: Dr. Samuel Sanchez Ordonez and Marc R. Dusseiller
Coproduction: KIBLA and LJUDMILA

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Robertina Sebjanic, photo by sasa SpacalRobertina Šebjanič (1975) is a creator in the field of intermedia and a cultural facilitator. In terms of content, she often realizes her ideas and concepts in cooperation with other authors, which is why her works embody interdisciplinarity and informal integration.

zrgnAleš Hieng – Zergon (1984) is a musical performer with a BA degree in chemistry. His improvised live performances are characterized by analog-produced and modulated sounds and noises combined with field recordings, as well the use of personally created electronic sound devices.