krokodil riba
Festival: November 6−9
Exhibition: November 6−25

KATHY HIGH (US): Blood Wars

Blood Wars explores biological reactions in the form of a real tournament between different individuals’ white blood cells. It deals with the culturological and scientific history of blood as an element that has humanistic and even nationalistic, as well as natural science and biological characteristics. The course of the project is conceived in the form of super-identification – as a world championship, a tournament in which the so-called cell winner even receives a cup! Participating individuals in the competition will help to a better understanding of the processes of blood cells in the human body and the functioning of the immune system, while in terms of content it stands as a critique of imperatives such as the cult of health and eternal youth.

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Artist Talk


Kathy High is an interdisciplinary artist from New York currently working with living systems, animals, and biology and art.