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Festival: November 6−9
Exhibition: November 6−25
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SONICA & MMC KIBLA kindly invite you to the closing AV night of the MFRU-KIBLIX2013: an audio-visual minimal techno performance by Byetone and local techno DJ Schrauff

27.11.2013 @ 21:00

27. november 2013 ob 22.30
Kibla Portal, Maribor / AV performance & DJ act

BYETONE (raster-noton)
SCHRAUFF (Bio-mechanics, Elements)
Introduction: DJ Peco

Admission free. Free entrance & Free ride from Ljubljana and back:

byetone1 (1)BYETONE (DE)

Byetone (Olaf Bender) is together with Carsten Nicolai and Frank Bretschneider co-founder and curator of the German electronic label raster-noton, one of the most important labels of contemporary electronic music over the last two decades, which in the world of electronic music established its unique musical and visual aesthetics on the border between acoustic and electronic (digital) audio signal, image and object (via the formation of minimalist sculpture, installations, audio-visual connections, …), which echoes both in the galleries and museums of contemporary art in clubs with dance music and in major concert halls. Raster-noton’s aesthetics is rooted in the historical branch of minimalism, not only in music but also in contemporary art. At the same time this experience fits into a modern minimalism milliue of techno music, sound and audio-visual arts in the realm of sound interventions, minimalist sculptures and installations. Olaf Bender, Carsten Nicolai, Frank Bretschneider and their many companions (Ryoji Ikeda, Emptyset, Kandging Ray, …) woved conceptualism into a space of popular culture and trasnformed audio experience into a pulse, rhythm and signal, which is converted into a digital environment information and image. The work of Olaf Bender, acting under the name Byetone is characterized by abstract glitch electronics and more recently, minimal techno. With the last album Symeta he received numerous praise of critics and admirers. Another aspect of his music, in particular its live performanceis it’s of visual nature. It is an open platform based on the correlation of sound and image, and their complementarity. Video:

Schrauff-960x500SCHRAUFF (SI)

Schrauff is keeping it real with his long running techno and electro net-label Bio-Mechanics and firm Elements night series.He’s got his hands full hosting weekly electronica radio show X Machina at Radio Študent and indulging in nostalgic italo disco, synth pop, acid house …

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