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Festival: November 6−9
Exhibition: November 6−25
FLL-Tekma robotov Roosterji delijo znanje

FIRST®LEGO®League, Slovenia

Natalija Premužič

First Lego League is an international multidisciplinary research educational program with emphasis on robotics. FIRST: For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.
Teams (9–16 years) are searching for innovative solutions in the framework of a research task covering a chosen topic. This year’s theme is “Nature’s Wrath. How to prepare, react and recover promptly when faced with natural disasters?”
The robotic section of the program consists of participants constructing an autonomous robot for problem solving in the FLL field.
FLL program in Slovenia is organized and conducted by the Super Glavce institution.

Natalija Premužič is a co-founder of the Super Glavce Institution (2012) and the program and competition leader within the project FIRST ®LEGO® League (FLL) in Slovenia (since 2011); she organizes events for children and families (since 2008), is an enthusiast and an activist (since the day she was born). Following her studies of Pedagogics and Sociology at Ljubljana’s Faculty of Arts, Natalija spent the next twelve years working in the economic sector; in 2009, however, she opted for an individual career path and has returned to the sphere of education.