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Festival: November 6−9
Exhibition: November 6−25

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Gjino Šutić

DIY kits

Will show you how you can, using UR Institute’s simple kits, do some DIY biotweaking experimentation at home. Whether you would like to know exactly what your DNA looks like, produce electricity by using bacteria or you are just into adding some life to your kitchen and making tastier food using DIY fermentation… – everything is possible with biotweaking. Our kits will provide you with basic tools, materials and biosamples to introduce you into this wetware playground and get you started with DIY biotweaking.


djino-profile_B-lrGjino Šutić is a researcher, innovator, and CEO of the UR Institute. He conducts research within several fields of science (biology, electronics, medicine, engineering, neurology, nanotechnology, bioelectronics). Using a DIY approach to biotechnology (biohacking) he designs and manufactures the necessary instruments and materials.