krokodil riba
Festival: November 6−9
Exhibition: November 6−25
2013-10-14 17.21.14

Synto-duino beeper

Matjaž Lenhart, Dušan Zidar

Arduino workshop will be held for three days. On the first day we will learn about the basics of Arduino microcontroller and its programming language; we will demonstrate and test some basic use cases. As part of the second meeting of the workshop we will start a project by changing an Arduino board into a simple “digital musical instrument”. The project will be addressed in groups and continued till the final day of the workshop when the products will be tested, refined and supplemented. The final outcomes will be discussed.


zidar-cvDušan Zidar is a lecturer of the subject Sculpture and the head of the Fine Arts Department at Faculty of Education of University of Maribor. Academic sculptor, lecturer and mentor. His philosophical and artistic statement is accounted for by installations containing forays into visual and sound exploration.

me-cvMatjaž Lenhart, MA in computer science and information technologies, develops mobile applications, web pages, and management and automation systems. Works as an assistant professor to Dušan Zidar, head of the Fine Arts Department at the Faculty of education, University of Maribor; on student projects.